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Antimicrobial treatment of non-HACEK left sided endocarditis

Infective endocarditis (IE) with non-HACEK Gram-negative (GN) microbes is rare, but it is related with poor results. The purpose of this research
was to quantify the microbiology, treatment approaches, and frequency of poor results in patients with non-HACEK GN IE.
In our study, the most general antibiotics used in combination with a β-lactam were aminoglycosides (50%) and fluoroquinolones (34%). For some
patients discontinued combination therapy due to toxicity. Twelve-month, all-cause mortality and readmission was 30% and 54% correspondingly.
In multivariable logistic regression, variables individually related with composite poor conclusion were receipt of fluoroquinolone-based IE
combination therapy and septic shock.
Conclusions: Long-term mortality & readmission rates were high. Patients who received fluoroquinolone-based IE combination therapy are more
repeatedly developed poor outcomes than those who did not.


Mahmoud Shorman

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