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New Generation Disinfectants

Determining the appropriate disinfectant and proper applications of it are so important for controlling the spread of infections and protecting the public’s health. Disinfectants are chemical agents that are applied to non-living objects or surfaces to destroy microorganisms. These antimicrobial agents are extensively used in hospitals and other health care settings to control the spread of infectious diseases. They play an important role for the prevention of nosocomial infections. Furthermore, they are used in many industrial areas such as food and pharmaceutical industry. A wide range of chemical agents like alcohols, chlorine compounds, gluteraldehyde, iodophors, phenolics has been used for this aim for long years. Although most of them demonstrate broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity at higher concentrations, they have serious side effects on living organisms and also can cause environmental problems at these concentrations. On account of these reasons, safer and better compounds are urgently needed. Researchers try to improve new substances with lack of these disadvantages.


Mujde Eryilmaz

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