â??Possible Symptoms and Antifungal Treatment of Dermatosis Versicolor During aPopulation Found in Hot Statusâ??â??

Dermatosis versicolor is superficial fungal infection which is found as a commensal in several healthy adults. The foremost normally affected sites embody higher trunk, upper arms, neck and therefore the abdomen. Lesions confined to the acral elements like hands and feet have seldom been reported. Sun exposure, use of oils on the skin, naturally oily skin and sweating area unit all suspected to be triggers which will cause the spherical or oval yeast to convert to its hyphae sort, resulting in the rash and this infection isn't connected with poor hygiene. This text addresses many problems associated with characteristic the doable symptoms and creating the right identification and providing applicable treatment for this infection. Dermatosis versicolor is treated with antifungal medicines. These area units out there as shampoos, creams and tablets.


Haileslassie Gebremeskel

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