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Wasps Venom New Trend for Treatment of Cancer, Microbial and Pathogenic Diseases

Cancer is one of the main causes of death worldwide. For experts, epidemiological trends continue to be alarming given the increases in the rates of incidence and mortality. Nowadays, tumors are treated with radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy. The side effects derived from anti-tumor compounds are a result of their low specificity. On the other hand Parasitic and pathogenic diseases are relentlessly progressive, affected all living organisms. Wasp venom may deliver a painful sting, but scientists have carried out successful in vitro tests using the Wasps venom to kill cancer cells and antimicrobial diseases. Scientists designed a new therapy based on a peptide - the binding of several amino acids peptides from wasp venom for its potential use against breast cancer. This peptide has the ability to form pores in the cell plasma membrane, penetrate into the cell and finally, cause its death. Wasp Venom has long been used in traditional medicine. The active components of Wasp Venom found to exhibit interesting bioactivities, such as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities as well as anti-tumors. In this respect, the present review for understanding of the mechanisms, mode of action and future prospects regarding the use of new drugs derived from wasp venom for treatment cancer, microbial and pathogenic diseases.


Mamdouh I Nassar

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